Gentle and precise

The innovative principle of water-jet assisted liposuction is based on the gentle power of the water-jet. The pressure of the fine, fan-shaped water-jet is adjusted to the different connective tissue structures so that fat cells can be specifically detached from the tissue and suctioned off at the same time. The surrounding subcutaneous fatty tissue, the nerves and blood vessels remain largely undamaged.

The gentle and selective power of the water-jet

Unlike conventional liposuction techniques, the fat is removed from the body using considerably less power and with a clearly reduced risk of side effects developing.

With previous methods for liposuction, the subcutaneous fatty tissue is filled with a large volume of anaesthetic fluid (tumescence solution) in preparation for the surgery. The outlines of the body become blurred and the body is pumped up. The process is different with water-jet assisted liposuction: it involves injecting considerably less tumescence fluid into the body before the procedure. Because the fat cells are rinsed and suctioned off in parallel, the surgeon has direct control throughout the entire procedure both of the shape of the body and also of the fluid that is applied and removed again. The negative effect of the tumescence solution remaining in the body can be almost avoided.

There is also no risk of thermal damage such as burns.

Bruising and injuries to sensitive nerves that lie directly beneath the skin occur considerably less often when using the water-jet. Like exposed tree roots, the majority of the strands of tissue important for creating tautness in the skin remain intact.

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