Facelifts with fat transfer to avoid pulled look

While aging you loose volume in your face. Fat grafting is a gentle method to restore volume to the face and getting a natural youthful look.

Dr. Sandra Bouzablou on air: body-jet liposuction

"Dr. Sandra Bouzablou talks about the differences between traditional liposuction and body-jet liposuction"

WAL liposuction to treat stage 4 lipedema

Dr. David Gruener, NYC Surgical Associates, helps patient Katia Page who is suffering from Lipedema stage 4.

Liposuction: Treatment of choice for painful lipedema

Iraqi refugee gets a special (water-jet) liposuction procedure for a rare fat-cell condition called lipedema

All about lipoedema

An article of Rainer H. Kraus, published in the magazine " Lymph and Health", 1/2015, for people with lymphedema, lipedema and related diseases

If you desire to have a natural shaped bottom, Cirumeds video may be interesting for you

Individuals who desire a fuller and more rounded buttock area can have their buttocks augmented with autologous fat without having to sit on synthetic materials. • Natural feel and appearance • No side effects • Minimal complications