Reconstruction of the breast with autologous fat

The decision for or against breast reconstruction is and will remain a very personal decision. To restore lost volume, shape or symmetry, women who have had their breast completely removed (mastectomy) currently have three options available:

  • Reconstruction with silicone implants (prosthetic reconstruction)
  • Reconstruction with autologous tissue flaps (transplantation with tissue flaps of skin, fat and muscle tissue from the stomach, buttocks or back)
  • Reconstruction with autologous fatty tissue

Reconstruction with silicone implants is still the best known method. For women who are looking for a natural method and do not want to have synthetic materials in their body, reconstruction with autologous fat (AquaShape®) is a more suitable alternative. The breast is reconstructed using autologous fat which has been previously harvested using waterjet-assisted liposuction from the stomach, thighs or hips, for example.

The benefits of this procedure is a breast with a natural appearance, a lasting result and the use of the body’s own fatty tissue. A breast augmented with autologous fat behaves like a woman’s own body. The breast remains elastic and mobile. There is no need to fear an immune response by the body.

To date, no negative effects in terms of possible development of cancer after treatment with autologous fat have been recorded. Nevertheless, it is recommended that autologous fat is injected only into the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the pectoral muscle and not into the milk glands (glandular tissue) (read more about this here). Transplantation with autologous fat has now been successfully used for more than 10 years. Thanks to the water-jet technique, previous risks such as oil cysts or calcifications can be largely avoided.


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