Signs of ageing

With increasing age the skin loses its elasticity and strength, collagen production slows down and the natural subcutaneous fatty tissue reduces. Along with the gradual loss in volume, gravity, stress and bad habits such as unprotected sunbathing or many years of smoking also leave their mark on the skin.

The fatty tissue under the skin gives the face and hands a youthful appearance. The gradual loss of volume leads to wrinkles and furrows around the eyes, nose and mouth and tendons and veins also appear more pronounced on the hands.

Apart from synthetic fillers or a surgical procedure such as a facelift, another treatment is available to treat these visible signs of ageing: treatment using autologous fat.

Autologous fat harvested using water-jet assisted liposuction is injected directly into the existing fat deposits that are steadily declining due to the ageing process.

The addition volume (fatty tissue) fills out the skin, wrinkles are softened, even collapsed cheeks are filled out again, and the face and hands appear younger.



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