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Breasts play an essential role in the body image of many women. It is not just the size that is critical but also the shape. Personal reasons for wanting a breast augmentation include a breast that is perceived as being too small, breasts of different sizes or a change in breast shape after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy.

Various methods of breast augmentation

For a long time implants appeared to be the only effective method for breast augmentation but there are now a number of alternative procedures available to women. One example is treatment using autologous fat (transplantation of autologous fat) which, thanks to new techniques, can largely exclude the risks previously associated with the procedure such as the low growth rates of the injected fat cells, the formation of oil cysts or calcifications.

Along with treatment using autologous fat, women were offered another alternative to silicone implants: treatment with Macrolane, a gel made from synthetically manufactured hyaluronic acid.

This gel is completely broken down by the body between 12 and 24 months but the manufacturer has withdrawn the product for use in breast augmentation until further notice.

Breast augmentation without implants – autologous fat makes this possible

Using autologous fat for breast augmentation is particularly suitable for women who want a permanently full and natural breast but do not want foreign material in their body.

A breast augmented with autologous fat behaves like a woman’s own body, the breast remains elastic and mobile, it appears natural and it also feels natural. Transplantation with autologous fat has now been successfully used for more than 10 years. To date, no negative effects in terms of possible development of cancer have been recorded. Nevertheless, every tenth woman must consider that she will develop a mammary carcinoma over the course of her life – regardless of whether she has had treatment with autologous fat.

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